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Jeff brings his clients more than 22 years of experience in building successful businesses.

He has been directly involved in over 10 organizations ranging in size from $2 to $20 million in revenue. Combining his business knowledge of strategy, execution, and team focus, Jeff understands the concerns and expectations for the entrepreneur or CEO who is looking to build or enhance their organization.

Jeff has the expertise and experiences needed to build high- performing leadership teams that collaborate and execute. He understands how to create award-winning results based on a culture rich environment. Jeff coaches’ companies ranging from $1-$20 million in revenue who are looking to expand faster than they could on their own or have hit a wall around their rate of growth and are frustrated. He guides company executives in finding and keeping A-players, getting the right people in the right seats, developing and putting an actionable strategic plan in place and having the discipline to execute and hit milestones. Jeff assists businesses and their executive teams to understand their options, and to ultimately achieve the maximum value from their business. Jeff was the kind of CEO who personifies passion and leading by example through a balance of tenacious work, lively culture, and adventure. After joining ABG Capital in 1997, he was instrumental in transforming it from a small family-run computer service company into private equity holding company that focuses on technology and software innovation.


Brad brings his client’s 25 years of operational and business development experience in healthcare, manufacturing, and government sectors.

Brad has successfully led companies, including multiple start- ups through growth and re-organization efforts.

He has been directly involved in leading and developing over $500 million in business expansion efforts, and implemented the successful integration of those initiatives.

His passion is driving efficient operations, delivering creative and efficient solutions, and developing staff. Combining his business knowledge of strategy, operations, data, and finance, Brad delivers creative and holistic solutions for complex problems experienced by companies of all sizes.

This expertise has been instrumental in developing and launching new products and services within the healthcare and technology sectors.

He has led numerous multi- disciplinary teams and has an intimate understanding of group dynamics, facilitation techniques, and achieving buy-in for strategic initiatives.


Areas Where We Can Help


Performed capabilities assessment with healthcare/tech startup to develop a strategic plan including, identification of markets, formalizing the business model, informing financial pro-formas, and establishing a roadmap to close operational gaps.

Conducted a Capabilities Assessment with executives in finding and keeping talent and helping them get the right people in the right seats to maximize value by aligning them with the mission of the organization.

Assessed royalty collections process for a Fortune 200 manufacturer across the United States and Canada. Implement and managed a non-invasive, comprehensive desk-top audit process resulting in higher licensee royalty payment compliance and reduced unpaid royalties by $19 million annually.

Facilitated strategic goal planning sessions for companies to help them develop their foundational ideologies such as their north star, values, purpose, and culture. Then guided these entities in developing both short and long-term plans based on strategies guided by these ideologies.

Facilitated strategic planning sessions for healthcare organization resulting in the development of longer-term goals/objectives and short-term tactical initiatives. (we can remove this and go with the previous statement)

Performed operational gap assessment for a technology company in evaluating areas where they were not executing to the best of their abilities. Created efficiencies and helped them manage by exception to increase their productivity by 25%.


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